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Easy Color Grading Using Gradients

In this Photoshop tutorial I‘m showing you an amazing way to color grade your photos using Gradient Map adjustments layers.

This easy-to-use method of color grading kind off works like split toning in Lightroom or the camera raw editor of Photoshop. You specifically target shadows, mid-tones and highlights of an image and add a specific color tone to the selected luminance range. This way you can very precisely adjust the colors and give the photo the look you desire.

Here is a very brief break down:
1. Open photo in photoshop
2. Add the gradient map adjustment layer
3. set the blending mode to overlay (or any other blending mode of the overlay-section)
4. Reduce the opacity of the adjustment layer to your liking
5. Add colors to the shadows, highlights and mid-tones by adjusting the gradient map

Source : ThePhlogPhotography