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Steal Competitor Topical Authority

Watch this video and pay attention to how he uses Google Search to come up with the top keywords for a given site, and then uses ChatGPT to write a plan

This is very powerful (Ignore the niche)

Summary from video

Stop paying for expensive SEO tools when you can do it yourself. Take all of your competitor’s SEO for free by simply using ChatGPT with Google Ads Keyword Planner. This uses an old SEO trick and blends with with AI SEO in order to easily build all of the topical authority you need.

You could easily use chatGPT 3.5 Turbo for this, so it really is a completely free method.

This is great for new websites but also for older websites that maybe want to increase topical authority

Take control of your AI SEO strategy today using this killer keyword research and niche research method.

– Find a competitor
– Use them inside google ads keyword planner
– Use ChatGPT to generate a topical map for you
– Cover all that content
– Watch your website grow

Here’s the prompt I used for AI SEO ChatGPT:

Take these keywords and create a content plan for a high quality fashion magazine. Please remember that titles should be incredibly clickable, and can branch out into interesting topics in the niche, but always remaining popular topics. Please create a content plan for the first 50 keywords, but never use duplicate concepts. Please output in a markdown table with all of the information I need to give to my writers